Private Experience & Birthday Themes

June – August 2022

Reptile Themed

It’s A Reptile Party!

Our award-winning show concept live at the nature centre. Meet a variety of lizards, snakes, turtles, amphibians and invertebrates. Learn about them in the wild and about responsible pet ownership with a reptile party!

Reptiles of Australia

Australia boasts multiple animals only found in their country. It’s the land of Steve Irwin, Dragons, Pythons and more. Meet some of Australia’s coolest reptiles!

Reptiles of Africa

Home of iconic megafauna like lions and elephants, Africa is also home to many amazing reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Meet one of the largest frogs on earth, a cuddly monitor lizard, a giant tortoise and much more with Reptiles of Africa!

Slithering Snakes

It’s an all serpent experience! Discover the diversity of our legless reptilian friends. What is the difference between boas and pythons? Do all snakes hatch from eggs? What happens during constriction? What snakes can be good pets? Learn these answers and more with Slithering Snakes!

Destination Mexico!

This summer vacation, take a trip to Mexico without leaving Calgary. Meet iguanas. Hear about the “hanging serpents” of Mexico. Includes an in-depth interactive presentation on Sea Turtles. Hit the beach with Destination Mexico!

Variety of Animals Theme

Animals of Africa

(Reptiles, Mammals and Birds)

Home of iconic megafauna like lions and elephants, Africa is also home to many amazing smaller animals. Meet a hedgehog, discover a dove, pet a python and meet the worlds third largest tortoise. It’s a small safari with Animals of Africa!

Mammal Meet & Greet

They’re fluffy, furry, spikey, and cute! Meet a chinchilla, sugar glider, hamster, and hedgehog! Learn about their care and their lives in the wild. Enjoy a Mammal Meet & Greet!

An Assortment of Animals

Interact with and learn about some of our favourite mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates that live at the YYC Nature & Education Centre!